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Parahyangan Etiquette

In Golf, “etiquette” is a set of unspoken rules of engagement and behavior. Dress code is one of the strict rules that exist at many a golf course.

At Parahyangan Golf Bandung, etiquette and dress code play an important role in ensuring that every person that makes use of our facility feels respected, as well as relaxed and comfortable.

The following infringements will be brought to the Club Management attention and may result in the severity of the infringement being reviewed by Management. The Management will reserve the right to ask the offending player/s to depart the golf Club premises: General Course Etiquette.

  1. Throwing any type of litter, anywhere on the Golf Course at any time. All paper, bottles,  cans, cigarette butts should be placed in your golf bag or cart until you reach a litter  receptacle;
  2. The display of temper or other discourteous conduct resulting in damage to the Golf  Course;
  3. The use of driving range balls on the Golf Course is prohibited;
  4. Failure to register and pay for Guests; and/or
  5. Deliberate abuse of any item of Club property.


If the member/guest violates this rules and are instructed to return to the Club House  there is no refund on the green fee.


Other Rules & Regulation

01 / Dec / 2018
Dress Code

Dress on the Golf Course and practice areas is smart casual and standard golf attire. T-shirts, tank tops, singlets, denim jeans or tennis attire are not permitted on the Golf Course. In addition, shorts must be of a tailored style, shirts must be collared, with all attire to be in good repair. Golf shoes with metal spikes specifically, are not permitted.